Session Bassist, Tutor, Arranger/Composer

Electric & Upright Bass Player specialising in live & studio work of all styles.


Additionally providing a range of musical services including private tuition, arrangement/composition, ethnic instrumental recording & performance, music industry/careers advice as well as transcription & scoring/typesetting to manuscript.


For my most up to date work, please come and visit my area of the ‘UDAGANuniverse’ website.


While you’re there, have a look at the work by my collaborator on that project, Saydyy Kuo. Her work is fantastic and inspiring!

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Examples of previous work recording & touring with Gary Edward Jones Music

Purchase the critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Cabinet Maker’

“If there is only one album you buy this year by an unsigned artist, or indeed by any artist, it should be, no wait, has to be this one.”
– Jon Fellowes (Seba Rashii Culture Zine)

“The Cabinet Maker is a piece of intricate, polished material with no laminated afterthought in which hides a gem, it is always relevant and not destined to become a dusty unloved antique, how can it be when something this superb has been created.”
– Ian D. Hall (Liverpool Sound and Vision)


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