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This is the continuation of the blog which started out as Melodic Traditions.

Firstly, thank you to anyone who read, shared, supported or commented on Melodic Traditions.

As anyone who checked that page probably realised, over time the topic matter became ever more varied as my own interests expanded, developed and changed. For this reason I’ve decided to ‘book end’ the previous incarnation and re-launch under my own name, as a place to not only explore my cultural and musical interests but also share my (generally music related) thoughts and opinions on the whole.

Since the core topic of Melodic Traditions was exploring Okinawan and Sakha traditional music and culture, it will be good to start off with some up to date reference to this area.. and what more perfect way to start than the release of ‘The Cabinet Maker’ by Gary Edward Jones.. On which I played both Okinawan and Sakha traditional instruments; (respectively) ‘Sanshin’ and ‘Khomus’!

It’s truly a fantastic piece of art that I’m proud to be a part of and which I am enjoying as much as a listener and genuine fan as I am a contributor.  There will be audio snippets to follow, and in the mean time check out the website for updates and a couple of photos from recent live shows:

The Live Band in the incredible Nordic Church, Liverpool

The Live Band in the incredible Nordic Church, Liverpool

No Frets.. No Worries!!

No Frets.. No Worries!!



Until next time.. All the best!

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